The Digital Hitchicker’s Guide to OFFF 2009


Oops … seems the exit train station is Oeiras. Google Maps, don’t be evil.

Fired up and ready to OFFF ? If you’re packing your stuff and looking for a way around Lisbon, look no further. Here’s a snack size post with all you need to know to enjoy your time in Lisbon and find your way to the festival.


The city of seven hills, the Frisco of Europe, with the yellow trams and the iconic bridge, it’s asking you to be discovered with their hospitality and unforgettable gastronomy (try the fish).
Start at St JorgeÂ’s Castle and go downhill to Alfama’s historic district, or explore Belem and the two World Heritage buildings: Jeronimo’s Monastery and Belem’s Tower.

Alfama view
Photo by Pedro Moura Pinheiro

When you’re done with monuments, get ready for a bit of shopping at the commercial district near Restauradores and take a ride on Santa Justa Lift to Carmo, one of the landmarks of Abril’s peaceful revolution. You can then rest for a while at Brasileira or walk a bit further to see the sunset at Graça. Now ready for the nightlife, head to Bairro Alto district, where you can eat on the more traditional Fado houses or have a go at the several ethnic restaurants, getting strengths for the non-stop movida (well, until 3am at least). For those still standing, time for a few clubs at Cais do Sodré or dance until the day dawns at Lux.

If you’re looking where to stay, there’s plenty to choose from, with accommodation for all budgets, starting with Hotel Açores to the hostels of 2 close friends: Lisbon Calling and Albergo Odisseo (I did the website of the last one a few years ago 🙂. You could try any of these, and even if all booked, they’ll point you other good choices.

How to get there

Now that you got acquainted with Lisbon and the hangover from last night at Bairro Alto is long gone, time to OFFF.
The easiest way is by subway taking the green line all the way to the end (even if you’re commuting from the blue line), reaching Cais do Sodré station.

Cais do Sodré train station
Photo by ghostboy


Get to the street level and buy a ticket to Oeiras, on the train leaving to Cascais (PDF timetable).
Now don’t you get distracted with the seaside scenery and forget to get out on time.

If you’re driving there, take N6 (Avenida Marginal) and exit in Oeiras (at the right side of the beach). On the roundabout a few meters ahead turn left and then right all the way up to Fundição de Oeiras, right across the train station.

View OFFF 2009 / Oeiras.Portugal in a larger map

Hope to meet you there on Thursday.

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  1. Updated post with the right station.@Alves I’m almost sure is Santo Amaro. And Google Maps confirms my directions.

    @Joao I parked there last Sunday, on a 1 km long road, and didn’t noticed any parking meter. Most of the parking places near the venue are paid.

  2. Google maps is wrong. The correct Train Station is Oeiras. Santo Amaro is a little peer, near MacDonalds.

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