The next 3 days i’ll be blogging at OFFF 2009, the International Festival for the Post-Digital Creation Culture. From multimedia to design and motion, in 2009 the festival is celebrating visual culture on an incredible venue. Believe me, i’ve been there yesterday and the place is huge with a kick ass audiovisual setup. Besides the Roots room, Loopita also looked great and Mercadillo reached the largest number of guests of all editions.

You probably can meet me at Mercadillo, on boot, as i’ll be covering the event for the blog network and joining the winners of OFFF Screen Challenge.. Expect a few video interviews on the next few days, from Sagmeister to James Paterson, along with the occasional Twittering, but go easy on the WiFi, ok ? (after all, we’re more that 3500 OFFFers).

Let’s fail miserably. Let’s frail gracefully. Starting tomorrow, at OFFF.