Interviewing Sagmeister, Paterson+Pitaru and U.V.A. @OFFF2009


While covering OFFF’09 i had the chance to interview three of the most memorable speakers of the event, with the videos being now available:

Day 1, Dave Ferner, U.V.A.

Day 2, James Paterson and Amit Pitaru

Day 3, Stefan Sagmeister

More videos to come at Alt.Prt.Sc channel, with my full review in the next few days.

Yeah, i know, i suck doing interviews. It’s not like i’m a journalist or something and have been doing this all my life. But if the whole point of the festival was failing gracefully, i did my best and if practice makes perfection, i could only get more graceful. I hope.

2 thoughts on “Interviewing Sagmeister, Paterson+Pitaru and U.V.A. @OFFF2009

  1. Let me say that you guys are doing a great work.
    One thing would be you guys get a better camera 🙂

  2. Nice work on the interviews, man. Sagmeister is an awesome dude. I was at Adfest 2008 and he gave a presentation on his work and what inspired him in life. Midway, he pulled out a bunch of business cards he’d received from ad agencies and basically just tore them apart for being poorly designed. Now, that was inspiring.

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