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With Cannes Lions Advertising Festival starting to roll, maybe the ad people enjoying the sun and booze take a few minutes out of their time to reflect on a better way to spend their talents and convince the organization and rest of the industry on creating advertising that does make a difference, instead of using it as an excuse to get a piece of metal.

Last year, on a short Twitter exchange with Marc from Osocio on the subject of awards and social marketing, i replied:

We’re in the business of changing behaviours, not winning awards.

Fast forward to Cannes 2009, and on a great collaboration with the duo from, Osocio presents their draft concepts on how your brand should be used for the right reasons,


Every year hundreds of PSAs are done for the wrong reasons.
Help us to create social advertising that actually makes a difference.



The next time you catch a creative doing spoof work just to win awards, forward these concepts so he or she could get a few really noble ideas.

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