Crispin, Porter + Bogusky goes beta

UPDATE 2: It’s now [June, 30] live at
UPDATE: CP+B has kindly let me know that they’ve temporarily cloaked the site, as it’s not quite ready for prime time. Stay tuned the next few hours.

When @bogusky announced CP+B was about to release their new site, the curious Armando had to sneak at the rather obvious url, thus finding the new version of the agency’s Internet presence.


Crispin, Porter + Bogusky is now aggregating all the content related to the agency, from employees tweets to references on blogs (let’s see if they pick this post), from Flickr accounts to their Wikipedia entry, and huge doses of Youtube commercials by the agency.

The agency applies the same principle to their client work. Here’s the page screenshot for Microsoft (shame for not having a permalink):


For now they released only 8 client pages, but i got curious again and peeked at the source code and a few more are planned :). Props for massive jQuery usage.

Nothing really groundbreaking, kind like PopUrls, but a reminder that the days of “immersive” Flash experiences are almost ending, at least in digital agencies land (see also Barbarian, Juxt Interactive, EVB and Big Spaceship). It’s all about multiple digital touchpoints and real time, these days.

Just for reference, here’s the current version:

Welcome to the long now, CP+B.

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