Sequence redesigns a new web experience

Even if this blog has focused mostly on Flash based interactive experiences, that doesn’t mean i have anything against web standards. Quite the contrary, with XHTML+CSS being preferable in most of the cases, unless your idea uses media that is best fit for a more interactive technology.

And since what really matters are fresh ideas, here’s the redesign from Sequence, a San Francisco based design and strategy agency that excels on using modern web standards to create a dynamic website, with a unusual approach to navigation, that many would thought impossible a few years ago without using Flash.


Under the hood the website is using HTML5, CSS (with an iPhone optimized version), Javascript (Mootols) and Cúfon, a font replacement technique based on SVG (VML on IE) and JSON.


We’ve come a long way in web standards, and even if XHTML 2 is no longer, there’s plenty of innovation out there, from Mozilla Labs to the multi-platform reach of Webkit. So you’d better think of a pretty damn good excuse to develop a site only in Flash.

3 thoughts on “Sequence redesigns a new web experience

  1. you develop a site just in Flash because you know how to use just Flash! if you have experience it’s a pity not to combine all the techniques that you know
    p.s. the ideea behind the concept is great!!! i like it a lot….how you move from 1 page to another

  2. I liked it better when it was called Schematic. I prefer the their implementation ( even though its flash, navigation and text selection is much easier. Goes to show its not just about the technology, it’s how you use it. Good try but be more original next time.

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