Imagining Mozambique

From civil war to natural disaster, Mozambique has been plagued with an uncertain future. brings to attention this daily struggle, exhibiting the works of several artists as an inspiration to the African country.


123Klan, Carlos Serrao, Catalina Estrada, Akinori Oishi, Balint Zsako, Florence Manlik, Giuliano and Federico, Marcos Chin, Matt Maitland, Parra, Superdeux collaboreted on this effort for ASEM, a charity founded to help the children of Mozambique.



On the website, developed by Studio Cartelle,  a firefly shotboux allows users to leave their messages of support to the cause, with a exhibition gallery featuring the works.
The traveling art show premieres 27th August at Maxalot Gallery, Amsterdam until 10th September, later residing in the offices of Wieden+Kennedy

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