Many countries around the world have been implementing smoking bans as public health policy. In Brazil, the state of São Paulo has issued last month a ban on indoor smoking, with the usual controversy amongst citizens.


Instead of taking sides, ad agency Fischer and digitial agency PIX, elaborated the installation “The Smoking Plant”, where 2 plants on a glass case where placed side by side, but with one of the sunflowers exposed to cigarette smoke. The whole experiment was live on the Internet during the past 2 weeks, with the results shown on the video below:


During the 97 cigars smoked, the project updated the progress on Twitter and created a great amount interaction with users, offering also a screensaver to follow the experiment from the desktop.

Many thanks to Carlos Merigo, for hastily providing the video subtitled in English.

Agency: Fischer America
Interactive: PIX
Production: D3 Estudio
Film: Conspiração Filmes

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  1. What kind of sadistic person could do something like this to a plant ? this is a lame, it's not something to be proud of.

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