Rethinking CPM and Display Advertising

Lots of important reading about Online Advertising in the past few days:

Rick Webb’s talk at The Economist

Shelby Bonnie (former IAB chairman) at Techcrunch

First, just stop using the CPM. Yes, it will break every model and process that the industry holds dear, but we need to get rid of the crutch. The ensuing turmoil will bring creative thinking, new ideas, and entrepreneurial passion.

Nielsen on Delivering the Target Audience

Source: NielsenWire

If the Internet is to improve CPMs—and perhaps save the overall advertising market from its fate—we must focus on time-based post reporting. The post reporting itself provides brand advertisers with what they really need and understanding if their ads reach the audience they seek

Natural Born Clickers, by ComScore


The curse of the Internet as “the most measurable medium” is perpetuated by continued industry reliance on “the click” as a relevant measure of display advertising efficacy. The industry simply needs to get off this click crack in order to earn a rightful place in marketers’ budgets and mindsets.

Dormring1 Click Fraud uncovered

Source: Techcrunch

Click fraud occurs when someone sets up a website, signs up with an ad network, and then clicks on the ads to generate ad revenues with false clicks. DormRing1 operated the same way, except it easily involved more than 1,000 people who set up more than 10,000 Websites to spread out the fraud.

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