Everything you need to know to please the ladies

The fine crew at Odopod are spoiling me with good stuff, as if Odosketch wasn’t enough.
Yesterday, i found via @lilmissjen, former colleague and now promising blogger, that Odopod and the NYC think tank Undercurrent (Hi Mike and Bud) launched a new site for DonQ, a six generation Puerto Rican distilled rum.

So what’s so special about rum? Well, of course one of the best reasons a guy would care about it instead of plain old beer are THE LADIES.

At DonQ’s Lady Data, one can find the how the female mind works:

(and dozens of other questions related to sex, style, success, night-life, mr. manners, wordly wise and dude 101).


It’s like the holy grail of the bachelors (or data porn for the metrosexual in you). And now i know i don’t have a chance with Jen, as she’s not much into bald guys.


Have a peek into the profiles, filter by criteria, get to know the answers and suggest your topic. Add to that integration with Foursquare, smart presences on Facebook and Twitter, and rum does increase your chance to get lucky. Respectfully and responsibly, with a female perspective.


Oh, and the rum bottles looks tasty also.

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  1. i quite seem to enjoy my night life enjoying and attending parties, ~

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