Yes, the Internet is wonderful and all that stuff, but sometimes we do indulge ourselves with a good sofa evening, watching a film on TV.

To celebrate this escape from the smaller mobile and laptop screens, the Image Freedom movement was launched a few days ago.



You can find lots of video testimonials of people playing around this idea, with channels on Vimeo and YouTube feeding the large video experience on the website.


And just a few minutes ago, LG launched the product website at, a full 3D experience, showcasing the borderless concept of the LG SL9000 model, the new high contrast LED with ultra slim design.


Go ahead, give the site a spin (literally) and check the gallery for some nice product footage. And maybe, just maybe, you’re free to choose LG when getting the new TV model for your living room.


So, if sometimes i don’t update this blog that often, then perhaps it’s because I’m actually working on stuff like this. Enjoy.

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  1. Hello, just browsing for information for my LG website. Truly more information than you can imagine on the web. Wasn’t what I was looking for, but nice site. Take care.

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