The third movie of Richard Kelly (@JRichardKelly) of Donnie Darko fame premieres tomorrow, with some promising visuals in the trailer (even if the first reviews aren’t that promising).

And one thing i love about the fantastic genre is the extra care establishing their internet presence. With The Box website, i was particularly impressed with the visuals (and no, it was not about Cameron Diaz) and the masterful aural experience.


Along with the typical sections (downloads, cast, trailers, etc) i’m starting to detect some ARG inspiration integrated in movie websites, by launching some satellite experiences, in this case a teaser website at and even a comic book.


But why do i really blog this? Because my favorite band is doing the movie score along with their Final Fantasy (@OwenPallett) peers. No wonder i loved the audio on the website.

One thought on “The Box

  1. Honestly …
    I think it’s the worst site ever …
    It may have amazing graphics, but from the moment u cannot navigate through it and it’s difficult to have a clear perception of the menu, don’t u think that it misses the main goal (to inform the public)?!

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