Inside The Human Race 10k

Nike. Racing. Twitter. Voice recognition.
Oh, just watch the video.

Using an iPhone strapped to their arms and an earphone, simply by pressing a button, the runners were able to share their experiences with the world in real time. The voice message was turned into a text message that was automatically published at, in their Twitter accounts, and banners on sports vertical portals and news sites.

Good run by BBDO Argentina.

4 thoughts on “Inside The Human Race 10k

  1. Great idea.

    The song of the presentation is horrendous. It's about a girl dumped by his bf and she tells everyone he has a small dick. No kidding.

    1. @olivier

      Eheh, i didn't really noticed those awkward song lyrics.

      That would be a great post: find case studies with bad choice of soundtrack 🙂

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