UFOs: Abduction by the marketing hype cycle

Last week was short on posts, as i was busy finishing up my talk for Upload Lisboa, a meeting that gathered this Saturday about 300 people to discuss the impact of web 2.0 on society, marketing and communication.

First, congratulations to @VirginiaCP and @vanessaquiterio (along with @brunoribeiro and @brunoamaral) for having managed to build this event without any serious experience as conference organizers. Besides their entrepreneurship, the amount of enthusiasm and whuffie built on the web, does make this sort of thing possible. The event was mostly a success, and i do believe that next year we can expect even a better conference.

Next, thanks everyone who appreciated my talk. And since a few of you have been asking for it, i might as well share it right away. So here it is:

The talk will be soon available as an ebook at, with a few more notes and references, so stay tuned. From the great feedback i had, i should consider doing more talks and stand up for the job.

Last, it was a pleasure to meet in person some great minds like @joaopcastro @vmtrigo @rsaraiva @31darmada and @filipecarrera. Shame on me for not networking enough during the coffee break, but drop me a line and I’d gladly connect with you for any questions you might have.

Live long and prosper.

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