A short break on these holidays didn’t helped to pick up my regular posting schedule, as i forced myself to unwire my lifestyle. As i resume a lot of on-hold projects, and decide what to do in 2010 on this digital canvas, time to do a short mention to another place were my writing goes,, that has recently announced the nominees for Best Social Campaign of 2009:

Message from the Gyre by Chris Jordan

Storytelling: Choose a different ending by AMV BBDO for the London Metropolitan Police

Watermarks make the flood visible by Chris Bodle

The trillion dollar campaign by TBWAHuntLascaris for The Zimbabwean

Before you turn away put yourself in my place by David & Goliath for the Weingart Homeless Center

Just add water by Kennedy Monk for Yes Men + Bhopal Medical Appeal

The smoking plant by Fischer America

Contemporary beauty ideals by Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt for ANAD

Going west with the New Zealand Book Council by Colenso BBDO

TubePetition by Mizbala

The winner is to be announced next week, and hopefully 2010 will bring a new fature: “Campaign of the Month”. For more details, check the original post at