At, we get to know the tale of two farms: “Quinta da Ameixa Doce” and “Quinta da Ameixa Fresca” that have been haunted by misterious abductions of plums (or is it prunes, never figured out the difference).

Shameless Disclaimer: I’m really proud of this new project developed by our team at Fullsix for Compal, an iconic beverage company from Portugal.

Abductions of plums? Yes, that’s right: António and Maria defend their properties from theses attacks and keep the plums safe so we now could all have the fresh new juice, Compal Ameixa.

The site features the quirky advertising set in the rural landscape of Alentejo, Portugal but is also a great opportunity to win awards, with the final challenge being awarded a Vespa scooter. From the intro movie to checking which of your Facebook friends are supporting each farm there’s lot to explore (register for the full experience), on this fresh idea for digital inspiration.

the only farm i care about on Facebook

Kudos for the team:
Art Direction: Sonia Frazão
Flash Programming: Manuel Barbosa
Server side: Nuno Costa
Marketing: Inês Marques
Copywriting: Margarida Guerreiro
Strategy: Armando Alves

Film by Y&R Portugal and Krypton Films
Product: Compal Ameixa