Inspiration is perishable

One of the last chapters of 37 Signal‘s book Rework is titled “Inspiration is Perishable”. Not only this matters here but it has long been how i feel about sharing ideas. Or quoting my current Twitter background:

Do not worry about people stealing an idea. If they're any good you'll have to ram it down their throats — Howard Aiken

With that in mind, and considering i had my share of great ideas ignored only to see them later featured on The FWA, each month i’ll share 3 new ideas that you’re free to use and improve. They’re mostly rough thoughts (probably a few of them already exist), but in the right hands or brand could be more useful than on a used notepad.

  1. Travel Connect

    An App for a railway company,  using Facebook’s Graph API that when booking a ticket allows you to see who’s siting next to you, or allows you to follow them on Twitter. A conversation break, from online to offline.

  2. News of My World

    With Google making available old covers of the newspaper News Of The World, how cool would it be to have a News Of The World Cover Generator. An alien invasion of your coworkers, the kid next door with three hands or your best friend on a freak show.

  3. Music Cam

    A site with webcam tracking, that while listening to a music track detects your head banging and generates different visualizations, adjusting the bass/treble accordingly.

Because it’s all about the execution.

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