Inspiration is Perishable II

Before the month ends, the promised 3 ideas for free:

  1. Online credits as vouchers

    Instead of the usual gifts (CDs, toys, etc) wrapped around magazines and newspapers, why not try Facebook credits or Second Life Linden Dollars?

  2. Add taste and smell

    Besides wine, can’t you simulate the taste and smell of your product? And engage users throught it? It’s not impossible, and i can easily imagine a website where users have a realtime quizz trying to figure out what are the flavours of an ice cream.

  3. Gowalla/Foursquare for kids

    Not using a smartphone, but more like a Tamagotchi with a cheap data plan. Useful for parents, and paired with great game design could even be used for learning.

Now, go ahead and turn these ideas into something bigger.