Coke: The Secret is Out There

Loving the new YouTube based campaign for Coke by Wieden+Kennedy Portland.

Centered around the keyhole bottle icon, symbolizing Coca-ColaÂ’s mysterious secret formula, the video has several overlays leading to unique digital experiences.

I’ll throw a few spoilers linked on the video overlays:

On Twitter, you can follow Dr.Pemberton, CokeÂ’s 179 year old inventor, and ask questions about CokeÂ’s secret formula.
On Facebook, send your friends a polar bear video message (and the chance to win a free Coke, US only).

Not to mention the video feed tracking the safe where the secret formula is probably hidden.

And by sending a Coke bubble on , Coke will donate $1 to the National Parks Service for each laugh.

Something tells me that this is not the end of Dr. Pemberton’s adventure. There’s probably more to it.