Inspiration is Perishable IV: July 2010

Yes, it’s already August but as i’m away on vacations, only now i had the chance to post.
So, without further ado, here’s the usual 3 ideas to explore. For free.

1. Which product are you?
Facebook app, to be explored by retail brands of FMCG like Unilever, P&G or PepsiCo, with their huge portfolios. Yes it sounds silly and pointless, but that’s the nature of most Facebook apps. But something tells me that this would resonate well, if it’s properly produced.

2. #ManOfTheMatch
For TV channels, a chance to let Twitter followers to select their man of the match instead of the usual website poll. With a special sponsored landing page with live results.

3. Tag Me in a Concert
A good idea for summer festivals, a website application that allows you to tag yourself the day after a concert. With Facebook Connect to jazz things up and note tagging like Flickr. I just wonder if it would be relevant to do it in real time.

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