Shameless PromoTion: Schweppes Geyser Bottle

On my way to work each morning, i drive by an artificial geyser installed on the seashore near Oeiras. Just watch the tilt-shift video below to check the sparkling ideia by the folks at Black Milk Media:

The geyser at Paço de Arcos was transformed into an installation in the shape of a bottle of Schweppes. Black Milk Media was the media agency responsible for activating this project that not only will advertise the brand Schweppes but will allow for maintenance and cleanup of the geyser for 12 months, in partnership with Câmara Municipal de Oeiras and Parish of Paço de Arcos. This process took about 10 hours and envolved a transport truck and a helicopter to move the installation of 500 kilos.

Source: Invisible Red

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