Community Manager Appreciation Day

Started last year by Jeremiah Owyang, every 4th Monday of January “celebrates the efforts community managers do around the world to improve customer experiences”.

Community Managers don’t always get the credit they deserve, doing a silent, hard work, with the credits going to whoever is the public figure for the brand. We should recognize their role more often, beyond the usual pat in the back, but for a start, a Community Manager Appreciation Day it’s a good idea (Twitter hasthag is #CMAD).

Photo by Will Lion, under a CC-BY-NC-ND license

The sheer amount of pressure and personal involvment is hard, not to mention the regular trolls they have to put up with. On this day, i recognize some of my friends and co-workers in Portugal that are doing a great job managing their communities:

Please drop a line in the comments if you’d like to add more CMs to the list.

To all Community Managers, thanks for being there listening and responding to your true fans.

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