Trying a new thing, highlighting several worthy links caught on the web and short comments on the topics of the week that aren’t worth a full post.

Porsche thanks a million times.

Instead of a lazy promotion or coupon, Porsche made me feel awesome.

Marshall McLuhan speaks for his 100th birthday.

A series of recorded interviews an talks by one of the most influential communication theorists. And amazing how most of it still makes sense nowadays.

Apple and Google playing the app paywall game.

And the only ones loosing are the publishers. Suckers. How about they finally come to their senses and start thinking seriously about building their own attractive platforms?

IBM’s Watson wins at Jeopardy, identity by Joshua Davis

What’s next? A Ronald McDonald robot playing The Biggest Looser?

Search is becoming (even more) social.

Something that i’ve been long pitching to clients as one of the key issues of why social is important. Now it’s official. There you have it, Stowe.

And somewhat related, here’s a new buzzword: FSO, Facebook Search Optimization.