Calling all scientists: Google Science Fair

Rui Lopes, one of my TwineLis buddies (monthly meetup of Lisbon wine tasters) has a new blog, started with a bang with a post on the need for Portugal to change his priorities in education, with a more serious effort in science. One of the challenges is to create activities that make young people interested in science, and Google is here to help, with Google Global Science Fair.

The best young scientists from 13 to 18 years old can now enter the competition and submit their creative projects, with dozen of prizes going from a National Geographic Expedition or a $50,000 scolarship to a personalised LEGO color mosaic or a Google Chrome Notebook.
Google also provides several resources and materials to help with the projects, showcasing their collaborative web services, and even get teachers involved.

We need more of this stuff from regular business.

Disclaimer: sponsored post for UnrulyMedia