Radiolab Hyper Audio Player

WNYC’s RadioLab is a radio show at NPR (which includes another favorite, This American Life) that did a few days ago an episode on ‘Desperately Seeking Symmetry’.

If the above gorgeous piece of film wasn’t enough, now follows Radiolab Hyper Audio Player, based on the same episode.

Henrik Moltke took the amusing conversation of radio hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, built a custom HTML5 player, mixed it with Popcorn.js (a javascript framework for multimedia assets) and added the collaborative features of Soundcloud, the music sharing platform.

If we’re used to think of semantics regarding hypertext, this experiment ‘shows’ how this semantic value can be added to multimedia content. For instance, when a comment or image is added by Rabiolab on Soundcloud track it generates the corresponding visual cue on the player, incorporating Creative Commons images. Another feature uses one of Henrik’s experiments Hyperdisken, to get the show transcript.

Interactive creativity is not only about visual; sources can be found in audio also.

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