Green Lantern teaches astrophysics

For those living under a rock, the movie adaptation of one of the most famous comic characters is almost here: Green Lantern.

The trailer above should be enough to seduce fans, but why stop there? And instead of the regular blockbuster campaign why not appeal to the geeky teenager and entice the astrophysicist within? That’s exactly what the agency Hide&Seek, Warner Bros. and Oxford University did, “bringing hardcore astrophysics and superhero movie fans together”.

At, fans and aspiring astrophysicists can be explorers of The Zooniverse, a science project that allows internet users analyse photographic data generated by some of the world’s largest telescopes, and pass their findings for the research teams. Os as some say in marketing lingo, crowdsourcing. But in a geeky-milky way 🙂

So how does this relates to the character Green Lantern? Well, because the task at hand (tutorial above) would be looking for ‘bubbles’ produced by the formation of stars, that show up as … Green Rings.

Yeah, i know it’s geeky, but also a refreshing approach to movie campaigns.