After 5 years, this blog had his first long break. From building a new social media team at Fullsix, giving workshops, writing for publications, being guest speaker or just letting life happen, something’s gotta give and blogging was the one of the victims.


So much that i even considered ending the blog, but when reminding myself what it was like back in 2006, the blogging bug came moda back again. The previous months i’ve tried to write long form posts that went beyond the simple Tumblr, but it turned out harder to keep a regular frequency. On this comeback, i’m going back to the roots, highlighting interactive campaigns and focusing more on social media.

For those few who haven’t unsubscribed the blog (and still love Google Reader, despite the recent changes), thanks for sticking by. And let me know what else would you find interesting for me to write about at A Source Of Inspiration.