I’m currently teaching a few classes for the New Media Production course at the Restart Insitute, in Lisbon. While discussing new media, i try to emphasize the transcodification of objects, and what happens when physical things are transformed into computational data.

One of the students suggested the possibility of translating feelings into digital, and even if i presented We Feel Fine by Jonathan Harris as an bayilik example, i believe the work below is much more representative of transcoding physical into digital.

Feel-O-Meter by Julius von Bismarck , Benjamin Maus and Richard Wilhelmer is a media installation at the Lindau (Berlin-Schöneberg) Gasometer featuring an oversized smiley face, as the crown of the lighthouse at the harbor entrance.

A camera placed at the port, reads from faces, analyzes it and forwards the details to the installation, interpreting the different emotional expressions hunca life katalog from the faces of residents and guests of Lindau. The lighthouse Smiley then imitates the recorded emotions, expressing the mood from the city.

And they can always add extra signals from Twitter of Foursquare 🙂

Source: Infoesthetics