Shameless promotion: SAPO Panoramas

It’s been a while since my last shameless promotion, but truth be told there haven’t been many interactive projects from Portugal worthy of it. But this one is both cool and had a friend involved, Pedro Pinheiro.

Panoramas Sapo

Back in March 2011, Pedro and Basilio began working on their photographic panorama of a key landscape Lisbon monument, Castelo de São Jorge. But it’s not your regular photo: it’s a Tera pixel panoramic photo of Lisbon!

With over 2000 hours of computing processing, 32.000 photo shots, 6TB of data and 5.000 hours of work the project was launched at SAPO Codebits 2011, last November.

Making of video

The project currently has a few more panoramas, such has the one captured at football match Sporting vs. Lazio, where you can tag yourself in the audience.

Impressive work, Pedro and team.