It’s like Hot-Or-Not for pets.

And that’s about all there is to say, specially because the site is still in alpha, as a funny experiment by Derek Powazek and team on game mechanics using one of the most common and adorable themes on the whole Internet: pets.

Members become “managers” and create profiles for their pets (aka “fighters”) and then challenge others to a Cute-Fight. The winners of these fights are determined by the community vote, with winners being awarded special trophies.

I keep wondering about the future spin-offs: Hot-Or-Not for … cars | babies | bedrooms | cupcakes ?

P.S: Don’t forget to vote for my cute-fighter, Bill.

2 thoughts on “Cute-Fight

  1. Hi Armando! Thanks for the nice writeup. We’re still in private alpha, so many of those screens will change. We appreciate you giving the site a try.

    Just one thing: We are so *NOT* Hot or Not! Cute-Fight is about innocent adorableness, not, well, anything more carnal. Everything about Cute-Fight is opt-in – there are no “found” photos. And a Cute-Fight has two players you choose between, not one you rate. Anyway, cute is just different than hot. And there are almost no bikinis.

    Maybe when you finish your first fight you’ll see more of what we’re going for.

    Anyway, we appreciate the writeup and wish you well in your first fight. Bill is totes adorbs!

    1. Hi Derek.

      Thanks for reaching out 🙂 The hot-or-not for pets it’s just the elevator pitch / TLDR attention grabbing sentence.
      Of course it’s a lot more, and I’m rather interested on checking out the game mechanics.

      Just a suggestion: on each fight, how about placing a share button, or at least an option to share on Facebook. What would really be great, it’s Open Graph app for Cute-Fight – it seems the perfect case and would certainly help you grow organically.

      And Bill just won his first cute-fight – thanks for the vote and for the shout 😉

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