Not a week goes by without a new mobile photo app by a brand. Last month it was Sony with their PhotoHopping, develop by LBi, and last week it was Coca-Cola with their fancy new photo-sharing app Happy Places.

But the one that seemed less of a bandwagon jump was Ray-Ban’s Ambermatic App, developed by R/GA Stockholm.

The free iOs App allows Ray-Ban users and fans to shoot their the photos and once taken, the App sends the image to the Ray-Ban flagship store in Covent Garden, London, where it is re-shot through an analogue Ray-Ban Ambermatic lens, and returned to the handset in Ambermatic style.

With so many photo apps, it’s about time for Instagram/Facebook to consider premium filters for brands, much like Hipstamatic did when it was *hip* (pun intended).

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