One Look into One Show 2013 Winners

A brief look at One Show Interactive winners and what do they mean.

PRELUDE: Yes, i still blog. Though much of my writing lately is for portuguese media and corporate communication, i pulled myself together and figured out that blogs are still my voice and always will be. Notwithstanding what blogs are nowadays, with services like Tumblr and Medium.

 Best Of Show

Never understood how the Nike+ ecosystem and their Fuelband case  is still the creative’s favorite Quantified Self product, with Fitbit being there first and Jawbone Up delivering some Yves Béhar goodness. But then again, i’m an Android “think different” user and don’t really buy into this “Brand Transformation” award for Nike.


Gold Pencil

Wieden+Kennedy delivers some of the more challenging work in digital, proving that it no longer makes sense to distinguish between traditional and digital agencies. Maybe between creative and production, but that’s a whole different article. Dikembe Mutombo for Old Spice (no longer online, but case is embedded below) presented us a 8 bit branded game and saved the world of creative mediocrity. Interactive storytelling at his best. Also, check their other Gold Pencil for Paranorman.


Silver Pencil

From South Africa, Volkswagen Street Quest by Ogilvy Cape Town challenged users to Pin to Win on a Google Street View mashup. The idea is not new, but the execution is flawless, specially the social design efforts, with Open Graph integrations. Another Street View winner with Bronze was Nature Valley Trail View for Generall Mills. While we’re at it, do not click on this huge Street View time waster i’ve found last week.



Another Silver Winner  worth mentioning is McDonald’s (discl: client) with Your Food, Your Questions, walking the talk of transparency for the digital age.

Bronze Pencil

Brackets by 6 year olds is a great idea by BBDO for AT&T. And probably originated from an insight similar to the one i had a few years ago when reading James Surowiecki: the wisdom of the crowds when applied to fantasy sports leagues could probably beat sport pundits. Too bad the sponsor brand didn’t like it (queue, “story of a creative’s life” tune).

Killing Lincoln by Mullen (congrats Edward and tema) was the first award with second screen experience considered, something i hope to see more 2013 onward, hopefully with more than a Bronze.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 1.09.22 AM

 Other Winners

EasyWayTest by Loducca is a great example of what you can do when tech is used for purpose and not for show off. That’s what creative technologists should aspire to. Unless your audience are japanese teenagers.

Regarding social media, it was quite curious not to find Oreo’s Daily Twist, but i was never a big fan on giving awards to social media “campaigns” (emphatic quotation marks here). Extra social points for Droga5 and their cynical Newcastle Brown Ale SubTexter App.


What does this mean?

Game mechanics are here to stay, and this trend speaks volume how  it’s increasingly harder to get users to spend  time spent with branded content. Perhaps interactive folks have been reading too much of behavioural economics. I am, at least. And yes, people do need to be nudged to change their behaviours which includes brand preference.

Street View is the new real. The subtext here might read that people still crave for authentic experiences even if camouflaged with technology. Seems a whole lot like New Aesthetic.

I’ve excluded all Google commissioned projects or Chrome Experiments. Though it’s not fair for brands to compete with the Google tech juggernaut and their deep pockets, it’s also a cause of concern for brands when tech startups are the ones to offer enough creative freedom to agencies. No wonder results then show up. There’s a lesson here, dear CMO.