Last week i took some time to wonder about the future of agencies — insofar as to consider whether clients should crowdfund their own agencies — and one trend kept coming up: disintermediation. This was quite clear regarding digital agencies where the surplus is the rule and the creativity is the about the only thing short on supply.

Low and behold, this week Foursquare  launched a perfect example of what can happen to interactive agencies if brands and platforms/startups start to work together with no intermediary.

Game Of Cones

Game Of Cones is a great example of tapping into the audience zeitgeist of Game Of Thrones and drive some social media buzz, both for brand and the service. Not Winter, but #summeriscoming, and Foursquare highlights the best ice cream spots in NYC and SF on an epic battle for the Ice throne.

Whose side you'll take?
By checking in on their favorite artisanal ice cream places between this Friday and June 21 (the first official day of summer), users will lick their way to the throne (too much?).

I’m not sure if it’s a joint venture with HBO, but it’s something that brands are doing a lot more, bypassing agencies to a more direct (and safe) deployment of interactive experiences. The crows are watching, agencies.