Beyond paywalls: The NSA files decoded

The dust has yet to settle regarding the future of media companies. In the past few months i had several discussions regarding media business models with a few companies in Portugal, and everyone seems a bit lost, even if abroad  a few trends for the digital world are emerging.
Time-shifting and big data editorial (and the obligatory Netflix model), new forms of journalism (Quartz and Medium amongst them)  and branded content / native advertising (Buzzfeed has plenty of cases) are showing alternative business models beyond paywalls.

Which brings me to the big problem with paywalls: the lack perceived value for the reader/consumer. Unless … you’re the Guardian and deliver interactive forms of content like “The NSA File decoded”. That, my friends, is something i could pay for. Subscription, micro payments, or whatever they want my credit card for.

Screenshot 2013-11-02 15.04.02 Screenshot 2013-11-02 15.14.43

Well worth a watch / read / interaction or whatever you call this new breed of online journalism.