Storytelling for a Post-PC world

With mobile eating the world, creativity will gradually move from the desktop, tablets being the natural choice. Storytelling on mobile can go beyond Bitstrips, Instagram or Vine, with more options for mixed media.

Storehouse: media storytelling on mobile

Screenshot 2014-01-16 21.39.02

Storehouse launched today on the App Store, allowing you to combine photos, videos, and text to tell a more meaningful story.

You can bring in photos (limited to 50) and videos (30 seconds) from your Camera Roll, Dropbox, Flickr, and Instagram.


Screenshot 2014-01-16 21.40.41

It’s easy to resize, reorder or crop media assets on your iPad, saving stories as draft and sharing by email, Twitter or Facebook. Stories and users can only be discovered on the app, but you can check a few examples such as Island Obsession or A case against Umbrellas.

Storehouse feels a lot like Medium or Cowbird, with a head start thanks to their platform choice. Do you know of more apps for storytelling on mobile? Share them on the comments.