Thoughts on Campaign Hashtags


Being on Twitter since 2007, i had the chance to watch the birth of the hashtag, with Chris Messina proposing to use the “pound” sign for grouping related information, along with Stowe Boyd’s later efforts with microsyntax.

Hashtags mutated as users started to use them to add context on their updates, closer to a folksonomy practice than their initial purpose. Later adopted by Instagram and Facebook, they became a part of Internet culture, so it was a matter of time until advertising started to exploit them and, as usually, not having the slightest clue what they are or how to use them properly.

I will now stop paying attention to my driving just to tweet my accident with this hashtag ...
“I will now let go of the wheel and tweet my crash with this hashtag”

From campaigns that use them just to look cooler to poorly chosen hashtags, it’s the age of #Hashtagploitation.