Got a phone camera? You might be ready for the Oscars

At least if you’re nominated for Phonetastic, the parallel section of the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, taking place next October in Catalonia.  The mobile film festival is able to present its award-winning shorts from its Official and Animation sections as candidates for the Oscars®.

Here’s my selection from this year’s entries:

  • Nitro Warriors. Michael Bay could have directed this car chase (above).
  • Intrusos. Yes, you can shooting an horror movie on a smartphone.
  • Recurring Symptoms. What if every time you sneezed, you jumped a few minutes back in time?
  • Myriad, reflecting on the boundaries between the imaginary, the symbolic and the real.
  • Sunshine for Breakfast. A stop motion Clockwork Orange in Comic Sans.

Nice work from pocket size movie directors, showing that it’s not the size of your camera that matters 🙂