Making car sounds with Volkswagen

Here’s something cool from Volkswagen, a participatory experience where your vocal pitch is match with Golf actions, from speeding to decelerating or a sharp drift.

Screenshot 2015-07-15 23.02.50

Screenshot 2015-07-15 23.09.26

Extracting the audio and video from our webcam, a machine learning algorithm maps the right  sample to build a personalised video, uploaded to YouTube.


Agency: Deutschinc

Not everything is at it seems

Brands are turning their attention to Instagram in 2015,  as Facebook’s news feed algorithm pushes them to look for other places where organic reach is still an option. The creative opportunity  is still limited, with no write API or even links on image captions and not many campaigns examples besides the catalogue stunt or the usual UGC hashtag contest.

Screenshot 2015-03-16 22.38.33

Ted Baker, the clothing retail company,  explored a new creative path using photos as a participatory canvas.  Every day for the following 2 weeks on their Instagram account they’ll post a new image of Ted’s SS15 range and challenge fans to screenshot the photos and use Instagram filters to reveal what’s hidden within. A clever use of the platform, further explored by regraming or commenting with #Pinch_Me for the chance to win a prize.

Agency: Poke London

The Webbys 25 for 25

The 25th birthday of the Web is celebrated at The Webby Awards with 25 selected projects.

Screenshot 2014-05-15 22.33.29

From thought leaders to cyber art, this journey into the past paves the way to a future of a free and open web. We stand on the shoulder of giants, might as well review how we’ve come so far.

Also worth mentioning is the associated  Web We Want campaign, a 12 month global movement to defend, claim and change the future of the Web.

From good taste to good work

A visual interpretation of Ira Glass on storytelling.

The video is inspiring, but the creative lessons on the original interview are so much more.

This American Life  and Ira Glass are on my daily commute for the past few years, along with Freakonomics and Radio Lab.

Just go ahead and subscribe to these podcasts, you’ll end up a better creative person.

Dove and the selfie made woman

Dove applies their “Real Beauty” filter to the selfie concept, inviting young girls and their mothers to publish their honest selfies at and discuss it with #beautyis

The new campaign is based on the 8 minute documentary Selfie where director  Cynthia Wade reveals “how we have the power to redefine what is beautiful in all of us”.

Curating Connected Devices

Wolfram joins the Internet Of Things party, bringing together connected devices and their Wolfram Language on a dedicated site.

Screenshot 2014-01-20 01.18.12


Screenshot 2014-01-20 01.34.43

Working with device manufacturers, the goal is to provide knowledge about connected devices, a sort of real world API meets the Wikipedia of connected devices.

Screenshot 2014-01-20 01.24.15

By using WDF (Wolfram Data Framework)  to connect to the devices and get data from them, Stephen Wolfram is dreaming of future of true Internet of Things, where Wolfram language is the lingua franca.