Making car sounds with Volkswagen

Here’s something cool from Volkswagen, a participatory experience where your vocal pitch is match with Golf actions, from speeding to decelerating or a sharp drift.

Screenshot 2015-07-15 23.02.50

Screenshot 2015-07-15 23.09.26

Extracting the audio and video from our webcam, a machine learning algorithm maps the right  sample to build a personalised video, uploaded to YouTube.


Agency: Deutschinc

Strava Athletic Year

Now that we’re into New Year’s resolutions and getting in shape, it’s worth checking out this interesting project by Strava, the running and cycling app, that took the quantified self into frames: 2014 Strava Story.


Developed by Stink Digital, the website used the Strava API and generated a real-time personalized film, compiling the most interesting data for the each athlete, including distance, achievements, kudos, and Instagram images.


An official calendar of you

Christmas should be a season of giving and altruism, unless you’re more about selfies or enjoy playing a prank on your friends. Then this Calendar of Me by is the perfect gift to indulge yourself a bit of celebrity time, while stealing a smile. 2014-12-08 23-30-42 2014-12-08 23-46-01 (1)

The app, created by Wieden+Kennedy London and Unit 9, allows you to mashup your photo into a  whole year of you, roleplaying as a mechanic, an astronaut and, of course, a fireman. You also get a chance to win a printed calendar or if you’re in a hurry, just download the PDF.

GIF is the new black for Netflix France

After posting about GIFerator, here’s another campaign pushing this old format into new places. For Netflix France, Ogilvy created a digital outdoor campaign made entirely with GIFs, showcasing their most popular series and adapting the message to the medium.

Pushing even further, some of the outdoors featured GIFs responding to current news or even weather conditions, a sign that real time marketing is going beyond social media.

Destiny: Planet View

One of the most expected game titles launches next week: Destiny, is a next generation first person shooter developed by Bungie.

And to add even more suspense to the title, a new cinematic experience launched to day, created by 72 and Sunny.

Destiny: Planet View

Street View is one of the most notorious Google technologies being used, repurposed for Planet View, as we have a first person exploration of the planets featured in the game.

Destiny: Planet View - Mars

Narration, gameplay videos and tooltips introduce the (future) player to Destiny’s environment and probable enemies.

Destiny: Planet View - Venus

Be sure to turn up the volume.


Hashtag my ass

It’s been a while since i’ve discovered a decent personalised video,  but this on from Stink Digital to promote Etienne de Crécy’s new single “Hashtag My Ass” is quite impressive.

Screenshot 2014-08-26 23.45.46

The interactive music video at connects to your Instagram profile and selects photo/hashtag combinations to appear onto record sleeves in the video.
Screenshot 2014-08-26 23.47.43

Screenshot 2014-08-26 23.47.22
The video created is then available for direct upload to Etienne de Crecy’s YouTube channel, superdiscount3. Mine’s below and it’s bootylicious.