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In one more example of multiples or synchronicity of ideas, today i tweeted an idea for turning 404 pages into a charity opportunity. Well, a few hours later i found out a campaign by Fischer+Fala for AACD (The Brazilian Handicapped Association).

When browsing to a partner website with an incorrect URL (which have over 17million of uniques), instead of the usual “Page Not Found”, the user is surprised with a plea for help by AACD, inviting donations on AACD’s website. And if your organization wants to do the same, just download the 404 page assets on the website.

Turning a browsing error into a charity opportunity is a great example how we don’t always need big budgets, but rather be ingenious with what we have available.

Get your book and help charity:water #bad10

Yes! it’s Blog Action Day, the right time to get your Age Of Conversation 3 book and help charity:water.

Blog Action Day joins bloggers to support a common cause, with water being the selected theme in 2010. Help me, Gavin, Drew and all the Age Of Conversation bloggers to support this non-profit organization by purchasing this collaborative book:

charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 100% of public donations directly fund water projects.

Did you know that just $20 can give one person clean water for 20 years? The simple act of buying a book, written by some of the most influential marketing authors, can indeed make a difference!

P.S. Do let me know of what you think of my chapter.

Helpers in action

Helpers-EU.com is not your traditional campaign, but rather a web series promoted by the European Union to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco.

In partnership with Daily Motion, but also with a Youtube channel the animated films are a fun way to inform young europeans, but also engaging them with the web series by allowing them to vote on the theme/tip for the next episode.

The series depicts 3 super-heroes who try to save smokers and non-smokers from the negative effects of tobacco, by giving them absurd tips and advice. Chuck, Skinny and Loona, accompanied by Tapas, a masochistic freak of nature that won’t leave them alone, unify their strengths for better or for worst.

You can also find the Helpers on Facebook and Beebo.


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A short break on these holidays didn’t helped to pick up my regular posting schedule, as i forced myself to unwire my lifestyle. As i resume a lot of on-hold projects, and decide what to do in 2010 on this digital canvas, time to do a short mention to another place were my writing goes, Osocio.org, that has recently announced the nominees for Best Social Campaign of 2009:

Message from the Gyre by Chris Jordan

Storytelling: Choose a different ending by AMV BBDO for the London Metropolitan Police

Watermarks make the flood visible by Chris Bodle

The trillion dollar campaign by TBWAHuntLascaris for The Zimbabwean

Before you turn away put yourself in my place by David & Goliath for the Weingart Homeless Center

Just add water by Kennedy Monk for Yes Men + Bhopal Medical Appeal

The smoking plant by Fischer America

Contemporary beauty ideals by Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt for ANAD

Going west with the New Zealand Book Council by Colenso BBDO

TubePetition by Mizbala

The winner is to be announced next week, and hopefully 2010 will bring a new fature: “Campaign of the Month”. For more details, check the original post at Osocio.org.

Big Warm-up

Land’s End is sponsoring this year the Big Boston Warm-Up, an effort to make the season warmer for the homeless people in the Boston area. Collecting one coat at a time (donated at Sears), but also setting up a beautiful website, developed by Firstborn NYC.



The infographic rich website also informs about the installation at Boylston Plaza with 738 figures waiting for a warm red heart, meaning that 10 people have donated coats for each figure.


Finally, do check the also special and personalized video after the jump.

Source: @brianjeremy

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The smoking plant

Many countries around the world have been implementing smoking bans as public health policy. In Brazil, the state of São Paulo has issued last month a ban on indoor smoking, with the usual controversy amongst citizens.


Instead of taking sides, ad agency Fischer and digitial agency PIX, elaborated the installation “The Smoking Plant”, where 2 plants on a glass case where placed side by side, but with one of the sunflowers exposed to cigarette smoke. The whole experiment was live on the Internet during the past 2 weeks, with the results shown on the video below:


During the 97 cigars smoked, the project updated the progress on Twitter and created a great amount interaction with users, offering also a screensaver to follow the experiment from the desktop.

Many thanks to Carlos Merigo, for hastily providing the video subtitled in English.

Agency: Fischer America
Interactive: PIX
Production: D3 Estudio
Film: Conspiração Filmes

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