Going short form

Since i’m having a hard time writing frequent posts here, let’s try a new thing: going short form. A mix between Stowe Boyd’s blurbs and the links from Design Is Kinky. Long form probably goes to Linkedin and Medium. Anything goes (even a new blog theme), as long as i don’t stop writing.

Cold Wind

In the middle of the summer
I’m not sleeping, cold wind blowing
In the middle of the night
They try to find me but I’m still driving
If you’re going to San Francisco
Lay some flowers on the gravestone
There’s music on the station
And I’m just listening to cold wind whistling
And if they ever find me
Tell the papers
Cold wind, cold wind, cold, cold wind blowing
Cold wind blowing

Hey, hey, hey

Something ain’t right
Something ain’t right
And if they ever find me
Tell the papers
Cold wind, cold wind, cold, cold wind blowing
Cold wind blowing.


With all my love, for Mom. Wherever the wind blows today for her.

Homeopathy: there’s nothing in it

On the early days of this blog, i intended to cover all kind topics, from comics to science. Debunking Astrology was one of the first posts, where the skeptic in me showed off. Even if i don’t take a public stance against pseudo science as often as i should, some things should be exposed, with homeopathy as one of the main offenders to science.

That’s why i’m supporting the 10:23 Campaign, joining next Saturday a Global Overdose to expose homeopathic remedies as in fact worthless. People in more than 60 cities all over the world will join to ingest an overdose of homeopathic pills, and since those remedies don’t have any active ingredient and work as a pure placebo, you should get the point of what homeopathic products are good for.

In Lisbon, we question how the official drug administration, Infarmed, considers these pills as valid farmaceuticals to be sold along with antibiotics or birth control pills. If you’d like to expose this scam, come and meet us next February 5th, at 10:23am at Jardim do Príncipe Real, Lisbon.

You can find out more about 10:23 in Portugal on their blog or Facebook or join the global campaign at http://www.1023.org.uk/.

Ready for 2011

Fired up? Ready for a new year? I sure am. And instead of writing one more pointless post with predictions for 2011, i actually changed something after my holiday break.

So here it is: a light redesign of ASourceOfInspiration.com. The reasons are simple: bring all the inspiring content (Twitter quotes, YouTube favorites, Delicious bookmarks and Tumblr images) into my own URL, sharing more visual content along with the regular posts. Oh, and trying out a fluid layout with HTML5 and CSS3.

For those subscribing the RSS feed, you’ll have the regular posts but in case you want the full pack, there’s now an alternate feed with extra videos and images.

While working on the new theme, i realized how much i missed coding. Strategy is important, but so is tinkering with stuff. Maybe that’s my resolution for 2011: play more. Have a great year!

Progressive Enhancement with Flash


As promised, here’s the presentation from yesterday at RIApt AUG, on a 30 minutes talk about why you should care about Progressive Enhancement and how it can be applied to websites developed with the Flash platform.

The sample code (with SWFObject, SWFAddress and XSLT samples) is also available for download.

Update: As Marcos rightfully points out, the Slideshare link isn’t that “accessible”. So here’s a PDF or ODP for download.

Let’s Connect

Tired of not knowing the faces and stories of those of you who spend precious time reading this blog, and having realized that Google has turned public their Friend Connect service, i’ve placed the gadget on the sidebar (and a review/rate on single pages).

It’s right above my tweets, one of the best places i could get, as readers are the main reason that push me to find fresh inspirations. So, again, thanks for all your attention and let’s connect.

A decade of your work

Patrick at Creative review shared his thoughts on how the last decade has affected our professional life, and most of it i deeply relate to, specially on how the Internet has changed the life of people that work in design, and to a broader extent, the whole society (at least in developed countries).

Photo by Eole, under a Creative Commons License

Ten years ago i was leaving university, thinking on how i would get along with Business Management, but having fun with Flash 4 on my spare time, while hanging around in IRC and building personal webpages on HotDog HTML editor. At that time, i didn’t even knew there was a job for a digital marketeer much less in advertising.

A few career changes later and past the dot com bubble, i find myself in a place i wouldn’t have dreamed of 10 years ago. The last 5 years have been a reward for always keeping my faith on the enormous potential of the web. New organizational models, the rise of social media, the fall of traditional media, the birth and rise of Google, it’s been a hell of a ride.

What about you, how was your last decade? How has it changed your career? Do you find yourself at the place you envisioned ?

Happy Birthday to MM


Today is my birthday.

But a different one, since i decided to have no celebration, birthday candles or the usual drinks. However, you will have the chance to offer a unique gift.

Not for me, but rather to Missão Muxima, a charity group empowering children and educators at the Arnaldo Janssen’s Child Foster Center in Luanda, Angola.

My sister is one of the founders, and they need all the help we can get, so this year’s birthday don’t spend your money on gifts but rather

( Paypal to info@missaomuxima.org)

Your gift will provide better life care to the children, and allow Missão Muxima to carry on with the previous work.

With your help, this will be one of my most special birthdays. And to the children also.

Thank you