TMN: Another life on Facebook

How do you end a Facebook Page with over 800k fans?

This was the challenge faced by Fullsix when TMN, the largest carrier brand in Portugal, merged into MEO, the main brand of Portugal Telecom group. With the campaign message “MEO the other life of tmn”, all TMN social presences had to be either migrated  or closed.


TMN went a little further and invited each fan to claim and remove one of the 4000+ posts published since 2009, with the chance to win a smartphone for each 250 posts removed. Fans then visited MEO’s Facebook Page, where once all TMN posts are gone,  they could  become part of another life as MEO fans!

Disclaimer: TMN is a client


Client: MEO
Agency: Fullsix Portugal

Creative Direction: Armando Alves
Copywriter: Mafalda Quintela
Art Director: Francisco Chatimsky
Designer: João Travessa
Multimedia Direction: Francisco Coelho
Developer: Paulo Lagoá

Farming for Compal

At, we get to know the tale of two farms: “Quinta da Ameixa Doce” and “Quinta da Ameixa Fresca” that have been haunted by misterious abductions of plums (or is it prunes, never figured out the difference).

Shameless Disclaimer: I’m really proud of this new project developed by our team at Fullsix for Compal, an iconic beverage company from Portugal.

Abductions of plums? Yes, that’s right: António and Maria defend their properties from theses attacks and keep the plums safe so we now could all have the fresh new juice, Compal Ameixa.

The site features the quirky advertising set in the rural landscape of Alentejo, Portugal but is also a great opportunity to win awards, with the final challenge being awarded a Vespa scooter. From the intro movie to checking which of your Facebook friends are supporting each farm there’s lot to explore (register for the full experience), on this fresh idea for digital inspiration.

the only farm i care about on Facebook

Kudos for the team:
Art Direction: Sonia Frazão
Flash Programming: Manuel Barbosa
Server side: Nuno Costa
Marketing: Inês Marques
Copywriting: Margarida Guerreiro
Strategy: Armando Alves

Film by Y&R Portugal and Krypton Films
Product: Compal Ameixa

A Christmas bundle: Beard and PostcARds

Adverblog and Bannerblog have already started collecting Christmas cards, and i’m giving them a help with 2 new Christmas themed websites, were yours truly was involved.

First, the disclaimer: LG and CTT are Fullsix Portugal clients. But i really feel you’ll appreciate these projects.

In most countries, Santa Claus is depicted with a beard, which in Portuguese translates to “barba”. LG Electronics and MediaMarket (an electronics store) took the term literally and gave a chance for everyone to ask the bearded man their gifts for this season. But a humourous twist: the bearded men is actually named “Barbas” and is one of the most popular Benfica supporters, the football club with most fans in our country.


At (ask barbas), “Barbas” and his sexy assistant are watching the videos consumers recorded at MediaMarkt stores, asking “Barbas” for their Christmas LG presents. The videos will be published online during the next 3 weekends, and all you have to do is gather your friends to convince the new Santa “Barbas” Claus.


This was one of the most fun projects i’ve worked in a while, with a charismatic football figure known by at least 6 million people. Just shows how brands focus too much on celebrity players and forget about the true fans. I’ll be attending the match tomorrow against Académica and perhaps once again have a chat with “O Barbas”.

Meu Postal De Natal 3D

Yep, it’s Augmented Reality. I know, i know, it’s hype and all that, but forget the gimmicks and just appreciate the lovely illustrations. And if you have the time and want to surprise with a different Christmas card (at least for those not on the AR hype), print it and send it by mail to your dear ones, as long as they have an webcam available.

No, i won’t post a screenshot of the AR experience. Go try it yourself

What’s so exciting about this? The client is CTT, the national post service in Portugal and one of the oldest public companies in Portugal but that isn’t what stops them to embrace new technologies and experiment.

So, i hope you enjoy these ones early because tradition says that in the next few weeks you will be fed up with Xmas cards.

LG sets the image free

Yes, the Internet is wonderful and all that stuff, but sometimes we do indulge ourselves with a good sofa evening, watching a film on TV.

To celebrate this escape from the smaller mobile and laptop screens, the Image Freedom movement was launched a few days ago.



You can find lots of video testimonials of people playing around this idea, with channels on Vimeo and YouTube feeding the large video experience on the website.


And just a few minutes ago, LG launched the product website at, a full 3D experience, showcasing the borderless concept of the LG SL9000 model, the new high contrast LED with ultra slim design.


Go ahead, give the site a spin (literally) and check the gallery for some nice product footage. And maybe, just maybe, you’re free to choose LG when getting the new TV model for your living room.


So, if sometimes i don’t update this blog that often, then perhaps it’s because I’m actually working on stuff like this. Enjoy.

Agency: Fulllsix Portugal
Creative Director: Rui Vieira
Interactive Design: Daniel Teixeira, Victor Afonso
Copywriter: Claudia Ribeiro
Web Strategy: Armando Alves
Account Management: Ricardo Costa, Sofia Delfim
Guerrilla marketing : Torke

Chevrolet Tattoo

Things have been quite busy lately here at the office (besides the moving and remodeling works). One of the things that lowered my usual rate of shared inspirations is Chevrolet Tattoo, a tactical website developed in the last month.

Last year i spent my reasonable share of time showcasing Papervision. Unfortunately, no suitable project or briefing came that was adequate to apply the framework. As you shouldn’t t use a new technology just because it’s there, the right amount of relevance to use Papervision came with a campaign for Matiz Tattoo.

Chevrolet Tattoo

The main objective was to showcase a catalog of vehicles, with 15 available patterns. With few resources available, the idea came: what if we used Papervision3D and allowed users to customize their own model online?

So, there you have it, my perfect excuse to use the Flash 3d framework on a online campaign (in Portuguese only):

Chevrolet Tattoo Papervision3D

Have fun and create your own Tattoo (Cria a tua Tatoo).

Client: Chevrolet Portugal (GM)
Agency: Draftfcb Portugal
Interactive Team: Armando Alves, Bruno Duarte, Hugo Cervantes and Luis Castro.

Code sleeping

Sorry for the triple edit on the latest Beowulf post, but with 3 hours of sleep it’s hard to review titles or use spell checkers.

The reason is quite simple: Sapo Codebits, the programming contest i was in the last 3 days, helping out a team last night.

Boa vida
Master coders and blog mates, Samuel and Luis (photo by JPAntunes)

Our project “Sapo Boa Vida” (Sapo Good Life) was a winner in the Mashup category, an idea of social recommendation based on geo data and Sapo webservices.

Time to get some sleep now.

Shameless PromoTion: HamletB2B

Just a quick note on a freelance job i did last month, for a new portuguese B2B company: HamletB2B


Two of the partners are old friends so i helped them out, designing and developing a temporary internet presence. As we’ve discussed in a metting prior to the website launch, in today’s media landscape it’s essential to have an interactive strategy and a solid hability to communicate through digital channels. So, i’m expecting that HamletB2B will evolve to consulting on matters such as corporate blogging, internet PR and interactive branding.

Good luck Jayme an Eduardo.

Draftfcb Portugal – 2007 holiday card

It’s a bit late, but as promised, here’s the story of our holiday card.

About 350 bottles of wine were stripped of the brand label.
Later they were wrapped as a gift and sent to our clients, partners and friends.

bottle draftfcb
The only text on the gift was a holiday message and a URL,
in the form of http://[Clientname], with no address or sender mentioned.
(btw, translates to english to something similar to “count on us”)

To find out who sent it, you had to visit (Sample URL: screen 1

350 subdomains were created, one for each bottle sent.
Each subdomain loaded a custom page with the signatures of the people here at Draftfcb that worked closely with that client, and you could reply them back directly on the page. screen 2
The page featured also two links, one for our URL,, and another one for a page were we had a detailed explanation of the wine that was offered, the brand and how to serve. And of course, a holiday message from all of us.

Ah, almost forgot: the wine brand was one of our clients in the past year and on the second page you’ll see the featured campaign with the that same wine.

Have a “tasty” 2007.


  • Client: Draftfcb (Self promotion)
  • Creative Director: Luis Silva Dias
  • Copywriter: Vasco Condessa
  • Design: Manuel Veiga
  • Interactive: Armando Alves

7th International Conference on Refugees

This next 29 and 30 November will take place in Lisbon the 7th International Conference on Refugees.
The film is from DraftFCB Lisbon.


Creative Direction: Duarte Pinheiro Melo, Luis Silva Dias
Art Director: William Silva
Copywriter: Aline Arantes
Production: Show Off
Director: João Moura
Sound Production: Som de Lisboa
Video Production: CEE
Production Company: A-Ver-O-Mar

Below is the print campaign (only in portuguese).

Refugees 3
Refugees 2

Refugees 1