GIF is the new black for Netflix France

After posting about GIFerator, here’s another campaign pushing this old format into new places. For Netflix France, Ogilvy created a digital outdoor campaign made entirely with GIFs, showcasing their most popular series and adapting the message to the medium.

Pushing even further, some of the outdoors featured GIFs responding to current news or even weather conditions, a sign that real time marketing is going beyond social media.

We’re not in your phone anymore: Meet Dorothy

The yellow brick road to the Internet Of Things is becoming a lot more fun, as we leave the realm of technology novelty and start to create experiences based on human metaphors. Such is the case of Dorothy, a physical trigger making your phone smarter.

By clicking your heels, you can get an Uber ride, make a dummy phone call or text your location to friends.  The device, created by iStrategyLabs, is powered by  LightBlue Bean, an Arduino micro-controller with a built in Bluetooth chip, accelerometer, and coin cell battery and pairs with an iOS app.

Is YouTube the next TV?

YouTube:Lab at Ars Electronica places a recurring  question: is YouTube the next TV?

From someone who uses Chromecast and Apple Tv often, i wonder what happens if these behaviors go mainstream. TV is ripe for disprution, but advertisers are yet to shift their budgets accordingly (though some contrarian thinking is required).

Marketo’s research from July shows how a majority of consumers would happily cancel their cable subscriptions for a more robust offer of online video content (Netflix ahead of the curve here) with several behavior challenges ahead, the main one regarding how we’re used to consume mostly short length online video content.

Emerging behaviours (Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Netflix) are the canary in the coal mine. It’s up to advertisers to collaborate with the the new YouTube ecosystem (infographic below) and figure out how to balance their priorities to current and future audiences.

Trash-talking GIFs

The NFL season is back and so is EA Sports Madden 15, and this time they’re not playing nice. It’s trash-talk time with Giferator, an animated GIF generator where you celebrate great plays or just have a little fun humiliating your opponents.

From video game footage, Ea Sports, Google and agency Grow Interactive, created a live stream of memes, showing that even a 27 year old tech can grab the attention of today’s Madden NFL players.

You can create your own by choosing an NFL team, then a specific play, then a background for your GIF, and finally a message.

Now, when can we get one of these for real football ?

Destiny: Planet View

One of the most expected game titles launches next week: Destiny, is a next generation first person shooter developed by Bungie.

And to add even more suspense to the title, a new cinematic experience launched to day, created by 72 and Sunny.

Destiny: Planet View

Street View is one of the most notorious Google technologies being used, repurposed for Planet View, as we have a first person exploration of the planets featured in the game.

Destiny: Planet View - Mars

Narration, gameplay videos and tooltips introduce the (future) player to Destiny’s environment and probable enemies.

Destiny: Planet View - Venus

Be sure to turn up the volume.


What’s wrong with my car? There’s an app for that

A new project on Kickstarter, promising to make you look less ignorant whenever your car has problems. Fixd plugs a dashboard sensor and sends notification to your phone when problems arise.

The app provides multi-vehicle support, with notifications and advices on what you should do to fix it. Coming from someone who’s almost clueless regarding car mechanics, shut up and take my money.



Hashtag my ass

It’s been a while since i’ve discovered a decent personalised video,  but this on from Stink Digital to promote Etienne de Crécy’s new single “Hashtag My Ass” is quite impressive.

Screenshot 2014-08-26 23.45.46

The interactive music video at connects to your Instagram profile and selects photo/hashtag combinations to appear onto record sleeves in the video.
Screenshot 2014-08-26 23.47.43

Screenshot 2014-08-26 23.47.22
The video created is then available for direct upload to Etienne de Crecy’s YouTube channel, superdiscount3. Mine’s below and it’s bootylicious.

These aren’t your ordinary noodles. They’re out of this world.

Continuing last week’s food theme, a new campaign by brazilian food brand Nissin, celebrating their Miojo noodles with a very special type of recipe: noodles cooked in space.

The space mission debuted today, with an inside view of the process to launch an unmanned to drop a capsule back to Earth, cooking the soup with atmosphere’s friction.

Agency: F/Nazca


Discover the world’s shortest cooking show

Whenever people ask me for great examples of brands on Instagram, i’m always reminded of @bartsfishtales. To promote their sustainable line of fish products, Fishtales invited chef Bart van Olphen to share his tips and recipes on 15 second videos for Instagram.

Natwerk, the agency responsible for the work, has now shared the whole case on their site (video above), so thankfully I can now reference other people to it.