Desigual Happy Hunters

Spanish streetwear brand Desigual launched their new campaign at, based around the concept of digital happiness flashmob.
And instead of jumping on the Facebook-Twitter bandwagon, it’s all about blogs and comments, sharing a happy reply on a participant blog to win your chosen item.

You can get the picture on the how-to video below:

Only residents of Spain, France, Uk, Germany and Netherlands can apply, so no chance of getting my share of happy comments :/

It’s the Age Of Conversation !!!

For the past 3 years, dozens of leading marketeers, writers and thinkers have collaborated on a book that brings some of the best insights on modern marketing. Led by Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton, this third book in the Age of Conversation series brings together authors from across the world, with diverse and practical insights for the changing nature of business today.

Chapters include topics like Conversational branding, Influence, Getting to work, Corporate conversations, Measurement, In the boardroom, Innovation and execution, Pitching social media and Identities (the topic I wrote a short essay for).

With cover illustration by Chris Wilson and our new publisher Channel V Books (from co-authors Gretel Going & Kate Fleming), i’m counting on you to order a copy once it’s released, specially considering the sales profits are donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Get to know the rest of the authors or follow the Twitter AOC3 list created by  Steve Ponder:

Can’t wait to read the great thinking from the “fellowship” !

Super Bock Super Blog Awards

Two years ago, the main portuguese brewery Super Bock created the main blog award event in Portugal, with over 2000 blogs competing to be elected Super Blog. In 2009, we have the 2nd edition with a few improvements, and a chance to see how Portugal’s blogosphere survived the pressure of social networks and microblogging.

Disclaimer: I work for Fullsix, the interactive agency responsible for the online campaign.The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer or Super Bock.

Registrations are still open until the next 23rd February for Portuguese blogs, with the voting taking place afterward until March 24th. Popular vote will elect the top 5 for each category, and the jury will select a category winner and a Super Blog (with a €1500 prize). Special categories include Best Microblog, Blog Angola (for blogs about or written by Angolans), Best Design and Best New Blog.

On the Awards website you can find more about the 14 categories, how to submit your blog and discover hundreds of blogs submitted since the competition started 2 months ago. There’s also the Awards blog, with lots of tips and tricks about blogging, the competition and other useful info.

This year’s edition has Maria João Nogueira, Pedro Rolo Duarte, Fernando Alvim and Alberta Marques Fernandes judging the finalists, elected by popular vote.

You still have a few days left to register your blog, with a few more chances for the following categories: Angola, Science, Corporate, Politics & Economy, Social Causes and Microblogging (there’s lot’s of good tweeple and tumblers out there).

As a sizeable chunk of this blog’s audience is from Portugal, thought this might be of interest. If you’re not keen on registering, any feedback is appreciated to improve one of the few initiatives that recognize bloggers in Portugal. Either that, or we can just have a chilled Super Bock the next time we meet.

Twitter Power 150

Todd Andrlik created the Power150 Ranking, now run by Advertising Age, featuring the top English-language media and marketing blogs in the world. With ranking and authority in Twitter causing quite a discussion a few weeks back, i decided nonetheless to have a shot and create the Twitter Power 150, based on the original ranking.

With over 800 bloggers it would be really hard to track down all the twitter profiles, so i focused on the top 300 and with the help of Twitterank and Dapper, and partly inspired by Mack Collier’s Top 25 Marketing & Social Media Blogs, here’s the January 2009 list for the top 150 twitter users with advertising and marketing blogs:


1 PR Squared @TDefren 253.26
2 Web Strategy by Jeremiah @jowyang 243.59
3 PR 2.0 @briansolis 238.85
4 Social Media Explorer @jasonfalls 231.66
5 Groundswell @charleneli 229.72
6 BlogWrite for CEOs @debbieweil 217.25
7 Micro Persuasion @steverubel 215.08
8 Strategic PR @prblog 215.06
9 jaffe juice @jaffejuice 214.71
10 Online Marketing Blog @leeodden 214.24
11 Twist Image @mitchjoel 213.76
12 Web Ink Now @dmscott 209.57
13 marketing ideas online @jimkukral 208.65
14 Church of the Customer @jackiehuba 208.4
15 Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That! @Sernovitz 207.99
16 Influential Marketing Blog @rohitbhargava 207.29
17 Connie Bensen @cbensen 205.76
18 Personal Branding Blog @danschawbel 204.25
19 Consumer Generated Media @pblackshaw 204.11
20 GrokDotCom @TheGrok 204.05
21 Like It Matters @brianoberkirch 203.71
22 socialTNT @SocialTNT 203.55
23 ProBlogger @ problogger 202.32
24 HubSpot Internet Marketing Blog @hubspot 198.44
25 OnlineMarketerBlog @MarketerBlog 197.81
26 Marketing Nirvana @mariosundar 197.47
27 Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik @avinashkaushik 192.63
28 [] @chrisbrogan 192.19
29 Being Peter Kim @peterkim 192.15
30 The Flack @peterhimler 192.14
31 POP! PR Jots @jspepper 190.72
32 Movie Marketing Madness @CThilk 190.07
33 Global Neighbo[u]rhoods @shelisrael 189.99
34 Inside the Marketers Studio @dberkowitz 189.56
35 Noah Brier @heyitsnoah 188.76
36 Duct Tape Marketing @ducttape 188.08
37 Every Dot Connects @conniereece 187.64
38 hyku | blog @hyku 187.16
39 @ericfriedman 186.38
40 Future of Social Everything @Furrier 184.67
41 Marketing Pilgrim @andybeal 184.39
42 ConverStations @mikesansone 183.34
43 Andy Wibbels @andymatic 183.3
44 Digital Influence Mapping @ jbell99 182.48
45 Forrester’s Marketing Blog @forrester 182.36
46 The Social Media Marketing Blog @scottmonty 181.61
47 Marketing Profs Daily Fix @MarketingProfs 181.52
48 Rex Hammock’s weblog @r 181.32
49 That Canadian Girl @vero 180.87
50 Communication Overtones @kamichat 179.88
51 russell davies @russelldavies 179.37
52 NowSourcing @nowsourcing 179.13
53 CenterNetworks @centernetworks 178.32
54 Beth’s Blog @kanter 177.83
55 After the Launch @shama 177.08
56 Media Orchard @orchardo 176.1
57 Young PR @paullyoung 174.9
58 Decker Marketing @samdecker 173.87
59 The Marketing Spot @themarketingguy 173.38
60 Crenk @crenk 171.87
61 Better Communication Results @leehopkins 171.74
62 Buzz Marketing for Technology @PaulDunay 171.55
63 Copyblogger @copyblogger 170.89
64 Neuromarketing @rogerdooley 170.41
65 Krishna De’s BizGrowth News @krishnade 170.33
66 My Name is Kate @mynameiskate 169.63
67 a shel of my former self @shel 168.53
68 bad banana blog @badbanana 168.31
69 Dave Fleet @davefleet 168.11
70 @jangles 167.87
71 PitchEngine @pitchengine 167.69
72 Paul Isakson @paulisakson 167.08
73 Strumpette @amandachapel 166.48
74 The Social Customer Manifesto @ccarfi 166.11
75 Logic+Emotion @armano 166.02
76 Collective Conversation @DoctorJones 165.55
77 PR Works @DoctorJones 165.55
78 ShoeMoney @shoemoney 165.53
79 Super Affiliate Zac Johnson @moneyreign 165.51
80 Inbox Ideas @aweber 165.21
81 Pro PR @thornley 164.32
82 Marketing Begins At Home @davidparmet 164.22
83 adfreak @adfreak 162.07
84 Servant of Chaos @servantofchaos 161.12
85 Phil’s Blogservations @philgomes 160.47
86 Drew’s Marketing Minute @DrewMcLellan 160.16
87 Blogging Me Blogging You @edlee 159.14
88 Building Relationships Through SMM @jacobm 159.05
89 Get Elastic @roxyyo 158.97
90 Faster Future @davidcushman 158.84
91 Future Visions @jonburg 158.78
92 Ignite Social Media @brianchappell 158.53
93 A PR Guy’s Musings @stuartbruce 158.4
94 Todd And = Marketing & Media @toddand 157.25
95 Sugarrae SEO Blog @sugarrae 157.08
96 Friday Traffic Report @bendtheweb 156.9
97 Buzz Canuck @SeanMoffitt 156.73
98 advergirl @leighhouse 156.66
99 BrandFlakesForBreakfast @darrylohrt 154.98
100 Techno//Marketer @mattdickman 154.4
101 Brains on Fire @spikejones 154.15
102 A New Marketing @mattjmcd 153.98
103 Make The Logo Bigger @mtlb 153.5
104 Canuckflack @canuckflack 153.42
105 Junta42 @juntajoe 152.73
106 The Buzz Bin @GeoffLiving 150.81
107 The Marketing Technology Blog @douglaskarr 150.39
108 Greg Verdino’s Marketing Blog @gregverdino 149.31
109 American Copywriter @americopywriter 149.25
110 The Viral Garden @MackCollier 147.95
111 Chris Garrett on New Media @chrisgarrett 147.59
112 Conversational Media Marketing @pchaney 147.4
113 Niche Marketing @AndyBeard 147.35
114 Gauravonomics Blog @Gauravonomics 146.73
115 Emergence Marketing @fgossieaux 146.62
116 What’s Next Blog @whatsnext 145.83
117 Diva Marketing Blog @TobyDiva 145.79
118 Corporate PR @ealbrycht 144.82
119 aimClear Blog @aimclear 144.81
120 Blogstorm @patrickaltoft 144.81
121 Adrants @adrants 144.08
122 Experience Manifesto @lbbinc 143.89
123 Brand Autopsy @BrandAutopsy 143.03
124 Modern Marketing @cherkoff 142.64
125 Church Relevance @kentshaffer 140.92
126 bizsolutionsplus @LewisG 140.54
127 Yoast – Tweaking Websites @jdevalk 140
128 The Future Buzz @adamsinger 139.66
129 Life Moves Pretty Fast @nylonmeals 138.89
130 Adspace Pioneers @juliancole 137.2
131 PR Blogger @stedavies 134.18
132 Dan Zarrella @danzarrella 133.81
133 Marketallica @ozguralaz 132.95
134 Cross The Breeze @crossthebreeze 132.37
135 @andrewwee 132.26
136 From the Head of Zeus Jones @adrianho 132.19
137 CrapHammer @passitalong 132.01
138 DirectorTom @thomasclifford 131.81
139 PersonalizeMedia @GaryPHayes 131.55
140 Get Shouty @katiechatfield 130.78
141 The Bad Pitch Blog @laermer 130.45
142 Small Business SEM @mattmcgee 129.88
143 Small Business Branding @veraraposo 129.87
144 Seth’s Blog @sethgodin 128.88
145 Conversation Agent @ConversationAge 128.23
146 The Marketing Fresh Peel @FreshPeel 127
147 WATBlog @watblog 125.72
148 CK’s Blog @ckEpiphany 125.63
149 Talent imitates, genius steals @faris 123.98
150 ReveNews @djambazov 123.95

The sweet irony is being left out of the list, with a close call at #156. So, you know the drill: if you appreciated the hard work (i had to visit each blog to get the usernames i didn’t follow already), start by following @armandoalves and help me reach the top 150.

The PHP script that parsed the Power150 OPML file was programmed in less than 1/10th of the time it took me to figure out all the twitter profiles, so feel free to comment  if your blog is on AdAge’s Power 150 and you would like to be added to the remaining 700 profiles.

I had a few surprises along the way, with nearly 20% of the 300 parsed blogs not having a Twitter account and having to decide which profile to rank on multi-author blogs (i ended up choosing the user with most followers). Also worthy of notice is the inverted pyramid for SEO/SEM blogs. In the end, Twitter is more conversational and not very friendly for “get rich today” tweets, and that gets reflected on the top tweeple listed.


Seems the list is getting some buzz, and it starts to makes sense to build a live ranking.that hopefully will be at: http://www.

Let’s Connect

Tired of not knowing the faces and stories of those of you who spend precious time reading this blog, and having realized that Google has turned public their Friend Connect service, i’ve placed the gadget on the sidebar (and a review/rate on single pages).

It’s right above my tweets, one of the best places i could get, as readers are the main reason that push me to find fresh inspirations. So, again, thanks for all your attention and let’s connect.

Get ready for Age Of Conversation 2

This October 29th, the new book Age Of Conversation 2 is released, a unique collaboration with bloggers from 29 US States and from 14 other nations from Australia to the Ukraine.

Book cover by David Armano

I am fortunate of being part of this conversation as a co-author, doing my best to promote this initiative (expect a podcast next week), as proceeds of the book, available in hardcover, softcover an a downloadable e-book, will be donated to Variety, the international children’s charity.

Each author contributed with one essay, with mine entitled “A new brand of creative: Things fall apart”. To know more about AOC2, you can check out the site at The Age Of Conversation.

If you appreciate my writings or any of the other authors, you can buy AOC2 at


Welcome to the conversation, Michael, Miguel and Chris, the resident authors of my company’s corporate blog.

While i try to keep this blog mostly personal, it’s great to know that DraftFCB launched a corporate blog (i knew about it a few weeks ago, but now it’s official). On a effort to remain impartial as a blogger, my main critic goes to their decision of not choosing a true blogging platform. These days, any teenager knows how to setup WordPress.

If you’re interested in our thoughts, insights and opinions about the ad industry, give it a push and subscribe to the RSS feed.

Everyone N.E.R.D.

Keeping the geek spirit of the latest post, here’s another nerd themed entry, that will get me some low quality hits for using dirty words and references to naked people. How’s that for a post about a nerd ?


Ok, it’s not actually a nerd, but rather N.E.R.D. (standing for No One Ever Really Dies), headed by the small genius Pharrell Williams. He and his team release this June the 10th their new album “Seeing Sounds“, on what promises to be a summer hit. Have yourself some voyeuristic sexy footage for the advance track Everyone Nose … All The Girls Standing In Line For The Bathroom:

So, anyway, they’ve put up the really lascivious promo site Everyone Nose. Lots of booze, hot women and the advance track playing on the background .
On a great partnership with a blog, they plugged in Last Night’s Party and rolled their own party gallery. Or so they thought, since with great fame comes great responsability and (probably) people asked to remove their pictures (altough i still managed to see quite a few).

Everyone Nose

I guess the Internet is a different party. kicks some semantic ass !

My favorite Brazilian agency revamped their website with some (not) serious shit, on a fullscreen video where we’re all invited to teach and learn vocabulary. It’s like a speed course on swear words, that are collaboratively shared amongst the visitors. (entry) (works)

The thing gets really nasty, so get your camera ready and help Gringo to grow their vocabulary. If you understand Portuguese, they also have a blog, with some interesting behind-the-scenes stories. (blog)

They really get their audience, not being afraid to push the language, even on a semi-corporate website (they were probably expecting some nsfw uses of the video experience). And most important of all is their overall message: it’s ok to fail.

Porsche bloodlines

It’s not always about the visuals. Once in a while there comes a campaign that reminds us that we have more senses to be delighted. While audio advertising had his glory days with radio, it now is starting to fade, increasingly becoming an underrated medium.

The Internet is now offering a new stage for audio experiences, and following the previous post on Arcade Fire’s music video, we now have the latest work from Fantasy Interactive: Porsche Bloodlines, a countdown site for the new Cayenne GTS.

The site is largely based on the concept of the commercial (click video above to play), highlighting the remarkable sounds produced by the historic Porsche models. The 3 week project developed in Flash, has also inner sections including downloads, wallpapers an a audio challenge.

Cayenne GTS

Enjoy the site. With headphones, please.