Not everything is at it seems

Brands are turning their attention to Instagram in 2015,  as Facebook’s news feed algorithm pushes them to look for other places where organic reach is still an option. The creative opportunity  is still limited, with no write API or even links on image captions and not many campaigns examples besides the catalogue stunt or the usual UGC hashtag contest.

Screenshot 2015-03-16 22.38.33

Ted Baker, the clothing retail company,  explored a new creative path using photos as a participatory canvas.  Every day for the following 2 weeks on their Instagram account they’ll post a new image of Ted’s SS15 range and challenge fans to screenshot the photos and use Instagram filters to reveal what’s hidden within. A clever use of the platform, further explored by regraming or commenting with #Pinch_Me for the chance to win a prize.

Agency: Poke London

Hashtag my ass

It’s been a while since i’ve discovered a decent personalised video,  but this on from Stink Digital to promote Etienne de Crécy’s new single “Hashtag My Ass” is quite impressive.

Screenshot 2014-08-26 23.45.46

The interactive music video at connects to your Instagram profile and selects photo/hashtag combinations to appear onto record sleeves in the video.
Screenshot 2014-08-26 23.47.43

Screenshot 2014-08-26 23.47.22
The video created is then available for direct upload to Etienne de Crecy’s YouTube channel, superdiscount3. Mine’s below and it’s bootylicious.

Discover the world’s shortest cooking show

Whenever people ask me for great examples of brands on Instagram, i’m always reminded of @bartsfishtales. To promote their sustainable line of fish products, Fishtales invited chef Bart van Olphen to share his tips and recipes on 15 second videos for Instagram.

Natwerk, the agency responsible for the work, has now shared the whole case on their site (video above), so thankfully I can now reference other people to it.

Sweet Holler Gram

Right after publishing my previous post on personal media i found out about the new Made By Many project for SXSW, an mashup named Holler Gram.

Photo credits: Made By Many

An iOS application, it turns the iPad into a portable sign, as you signal to people around you what you’re about to tweet or the hashtag you’re thinking for whatever conference might be rolling at SXSW. For those guilty of making backchannel noise at conferences, you can now do it in style 🙂

From voting to sharing your favorites, there’s a lot to explore, on a perfect example that blends both social with personal media.

P.S. if that wasn’t enough, the agency did afterwards another mashup with a full page takeover that collects on a dashboard the photos taken by their atendees at the event.