Social Media Statistics for Portugal

After being asked by several friends and clients on the latest country data for social media in Portugal, and realizing there was no shared information or interest by platforms on sharing the stats, the best thing to do is to post some information here. Please note that this is a first draft, based on data i had readily available, and hopefully more people can contribute to this resource.

Social Networks

  • 66.2% of Internet users follow brands or companies on Social Networks (source: Marktest)
  • 85% have used social networks on mobile (source: Marktest)
  • 36% of organizations use at least one form of social media (source: Eurostat, 2013)
  • 9% of organizations have a formal social media policy  (source: Eurostat, 2013)

  • 6%  of organizations have a blog or microblog  (source: Eurostat, 2013)



  • 94,6% penetration  (source: Marktest, 2013)
  • 5,100,000 active users
  • Average daily visit: 48 min
  • 38% on desktop, 57% on desktop and mobile, 5% on mobile only
  • Daily Reach: 3.5 M

Source: Facebook Internal Data, Country Snapshot, 2013

Screenshot 2014-02-18 22.37.08



  • 470k uniques/month (source: Comscore, February 2014)
  • Penetration: 18%


Estimated penetration in 2014 (Fullsix data): 20%


  • 603 M uniques / month (source: Comscore, Feb 2014)
  • 171,000 daily visitors
  • 58MM minutes
  • 212MM pages views

Source: Comscore and Tumblr, December 2013


  • 147k uniques/ month (source: Comscore, Feb. 2014)


  • 34% penetration (source: Marktest, 2013)

Estimated uniques: 130k; source: Gplusdata, January 2013


  • 38,9% penetration  (source: Marktest, 2013)


  • 30,9% penetration  (source: Marktest, 2013)
  • 1,5 million users, 244k active/month (source: Linkedin, 2013. via Virginia)
  • 1,1 million uniques / month (source: Comscore, Feb. 2014)
  • 905,000 uniques /month (source: Comscore, 2012)
  • 10.8 average minutes /visitor (source: Comscore, 2012)

  • 560k uniques/ month (source: Comscore, Feb. 2014)


  • No official data

Estimated 150k estimated users, 80k uniques / month,  January 2013

Please share your sources and links on the comments below, so we can build the obligatory infographic 🙂

Face to Facebook: how brands are seen by Portuguese users

With Facebook reaching over 3 million users in Portugal, it’s increasingly important to understand how users perceive brands on Facebook. Research company Netsonda has just released their 2nd study Face to Facebook, with some new data regarding portuguese users:

  • More than half (58%) of users “liked” brand pages to receive regular updates;
  • Over 2/3 of users visit liked brand pages;
  • 91% of users trust brand pages they “Like”;
  • 78% of users visit Facebook at least once a day;
  • 58,2% of users spend more than 1h per day on Facebook.

Worthy of notice, the fact that non-profits are amongst the favorites, with brand or product pages attracting 55% of users (a considerable increase from 37% back in June).

More about the research at or by email at

Disclaimer: Netsonda is part of Fullsix Group.

Upload Lisboa Pro

I’m honored of being invited by the organizers at Upload Lisboa Pro to moderate the afternoon talks, with talks by Maria João Nogueira, Carlos Merigo, Alexandre Maron and Ricardo Clemente, on what is building up to be a great conversation around communities and new media.

If you haven’t booked your tickets, the clock is ticking and this is probably the best chance to find such a good panel in Portugal for the upcoming months. Not enough? Well, if you show up and ask a question to speakers, i’ll do a guest post for your blog 🙂

Or you can just drop a question in the comments, and i’ll nag the hell out of the speakers with your puzzles.

New Media Creation, Production and Marketing at Restart

Just a quick note for Portuguese readers who might be interested on learning a bit more about new media:

Next November i’ll be teaching a module on Marketing and Strategy, as part of the curriculum at the New Media course available at Restart this year (Nov 10 -Jul 11). Registration is still open, so you still have a chance to learn from strategy to creation, transmedia to emerging technologies by a group of seasoned digital professionals.

It’s hard to get up to date education on such dynamic subjects, but the industry depends on these brave new media schools to improve the quality of interactive professionals, and as consequence, the work produced. The course materials won’t be available here, but i’ll post any interesting thoughts worth discussing.

Shameless PromoTion: Schweppes Geyser Bottle

On my way to work each morning, i drive by an artificial geyser installed on the seashore near Oeiras. Just watch the tilt-shift video below to check the sparkling ideia by the folks at Black Milk Media:

The geyser at Paço de Arcos was transformed into an installation in the shape of a bottle of Schweppes. Black Milk Media was the media agency responsible for activating this project that not only will advertise the brand Schweppes but will allow for maintenance and cleanup of the geyser for 12 months, in partnership with Câmara Municipal de Oeiras and Parish of Paço de Arcos. This process took about 10 hours and envolved a transport truck and a helicopter to move the installation of 500 kilos.

Source: Invisible Red

Do It Yourself at SHiFT 2010

We’re almost there: the 2010 Do It Yourself SHiFT conference is starting this week. The next 16th and 17h at Teatro Aberto, Lisbon,  we meet again to discuss and share Social and Human Ideas For Technology, after the 2 previous successful editions.

Tinkerers, thinkers, hackers, technologists or curious people by nature can find something of their interest on the several talks and workshops. Here’s a preview:

The 2 day event is more than a tech conference: it’s about how technology can be used to be achieve a positive change in society. The casual setting is a great chance to meet other people and learn about new things. Better yet, not only learn, but Do It Yourself.

Come and meet us in Lisbon next Friday an Saturday, as tickets are still available !

Disclaimer: i’m a  symbolic last minute helper of the fantastic team organizing the event.

Super Bock Super Blog Awards

Two years ago, the main portuguese brewery Super Bock created the main blog award event in Portugal, with over 2000 blogs competing to be elected Super Blog. In 2009, we have the 2nd edition with a few improvements, and a chance to see how Portugal’s blogosphere survived the pressure of social networks and microblogging.

Disclaimer: I work for Fullsix, the interactive agency responsible for the online campaign.The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer or Super Bock.

Registrations are still open until the next 23rd February for Portuguese blogs, with the voting taking place afterward until March 24th. Popular vote will elect the top 5 for each category, and the jury will select a category winner and a Super Blog (with a €1500 prize). Special categories include Best Microblog, Blog Angola (for blogs about or written by Angolans), Best Design and Best New Blog.

On the Awards website you can find more about the 14 categories, how to submit your blog and discover hundreds of blogs submitted since the competition started 2 months ago. There’s also the Awards blog, with lots of tips and tricks about blogging, the competition and other useful info.

This year’s edition has Maria João Nogueira, Pedro Rolo Duarte, Fernando Alvim and Alberta Marques Fernandes judging the finalists, elected by popular vote.

You still have a few days left to register your blog, with a few more chances for the following categories: Angola, Science, Corporate, Politics & Economy, Social Causes and Microblogging (there’s lot’s of good tweeple and tumblers out there).

As a sizeable chunk of this blog’s audience is from Portugal, thought this might be of interest. If you’re not keen on registering, any feedback is appreciated to improve one of the few initiatives that recognize bloggers in Portugal. Either that, or we can just have a chilled Super Bock the next time we meet.

A Christmas bundle: Beard and PostcARds

Adverblog and Bannerblog have already started collecting Christmas cards, and i’m giving them a help with 2 new Christmas themed websites, were yours truly was involved.

First, the disclaimer: LG and CTT are Fullsix Portugal clients. But i really feel you’ll appreciate these projects.

In most countries, Santa Claus is depicted with a beard, which in Portuguese translates to “barba”. LG Electronics and MediaMarket (an electronics store) took the term literally and gave a chance for everyone to ask the bearded man their gifts for this season. But a humourous twist: the bearded men is actually named “Barbas” and is one of the most popular Benfica supporters, the football club with most fans in our country.


At (ask barbas), “Barbas” and his sexy assistant are watching the videos consumers recorded at MediaMarkt stores, asking “Barbas” for their Christmas LG presents. The videos will be published online during the next 3 weekends, and all you have to do is gather your friends to convince the new Santa “Barbas” Claus.


This was one of the most fun projects i’ve worked in a while, with a charismatic football figure known by at least 6 million people. Just shows how brands focus too much on celebrity players and forget about the true fans. I’ll be attending the match tomorrow against Académica and perhaps once again have a chat with “O Barbas”.

Meu Postal De Natal 3D

Yep, it’s Augmented Reality. I know, i know, it’s hype and all that, but forget the gimmicks and just appreciate the lovely illustrations. And if you have the time and want to surprise with a different Christmas card (at least for those not on the AR hype), print it and send it by mail to your dear ones, as long as they have an webcam available.

No, i won’t post a screenshot of the AR experience. Go try it yourself

What’s so exciting about this? The client is CTT, the national post service in Portugal and one of the oldest public companies in Portugal but that isn’t what stops them to embrace new technologies and experiment.

So, i hope you enjoy these ones early because tradition says that in the next few weeks you will be fed up with Xmas cards.