Is YouTube the next TV?

YouTube:Lab at Ars Electronica places a recurring  question: is YouTube the next TV?

From someone who uses Chromecast and Apple Tv often, i wonder what happens if these behaviors go mainstream. TV is ripe for disprution, but advertisers are yet to shift their budgets accordingly (though some contrarian thinking is required).

Marketo’s research from July shows how a majority of consumers would happily cancel their cable subscriptions for a more robust offer of online video content (Netflix ahead of the curve here) with several behavior challenges ahead, the main one regarding how we’re used to consume mostly short length online video content.

Emerging behaviours (Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Netflix) are the canary in the coal mine. It’s up to advertisers to collaborate with the the new YouTube ecosystem (infographic below) and figure out how to balance their priorities to current and future audiences.

Coke: The Secret is Out There

Loving the new YouTube based campaign for Coke by Wieden+Kennedy Portland.

Centered around the keyhole bottle icon, symbolizing Coca-Cola’s mysterious secret formula, the video has several overlays leading to unique digital experiences.

I’ll throw a few spoilers linked on the video overlays:

On Twitter, you can follow Dr.Pemberton, Coke’s 179 year old inventor, and ask questions about Coke’s secret formula.
On Facebook, send your friends a polar bear video message (and the chance to win a free Coke, US only).

Not to mention the video feed tracking the safe where the secret formula is probably hidden.

And by sending a Coke bubble on , Coke will donate $1 to the National Parks Service for each laugh.

Something tells me that this is not the end of Dr. Pemberton’s adventure. There’s probably more to it.

Sony Ericsson does YouTube special

Wunderbar. That’s probably what folks at Sony Germany are saying with this YouTube based promotion, almost a website inside a video, an evolution of the previous Boone Oakley website.

Using YouTube annotations is not new, but the integrated interactive quiz is worth mentioning for this campaign promoting the new Sony Ericsson W995.


Agency: bplusd interactive

Upload Cinema: YouTube with popcorns

With more broadband and the writers strike in Hollywood, 2008 was a great year for online video, from a rising Hulu to the recent peak of 100M Youtube users last month, with no way to ignore the big audience elephant in the room.


Karlijn showed me a few months ago a project Lowe/Draftfcb Amsterdam was working on and it got me attention right away, as a sign of things to come.

Upload Cinema

Upload Cinema picks the best of online video and brings it to the big screen, with people getting together to enjoy inspiring and entertaining web video, selected by curators or proposed by the members.


The meetup, currently only by invitation (apply here), takes place every first Monday of the month at 9.30 PM at movie theater De Uitkijk in Amsterdam. The current edition’s theme is “Typo Film”, showcasing motion graphics using kinetic type.

The project has recently been awarded as Best crossmedia concept at Spin Awards.

Online video as an alternative media diet took shape in 2008, with websites like to the more randomly obscure, a trend becoming even more evident as digital video gets away from keyboard and spreads to multiple devices, with an increasing long tail consumption of online video.
From Viral Film festivals to Vimeo offline, it’s something we’ll start to get used to. With or without the popcorns.